Early Bird not only Catches Worm…they are also Happier and Healthier.


I remember when I was in college, my friends and I lives few steps from the school. There was never a time I came late for class. For me, being punctual reduces stress and builds up motivation when you go to school early. There’s always a time to set my mind before class starts and that’s one point I think was helpful in coping up with the lesson and learning effectively. Assignments and tasks were done as soon as I can to avoid cramming and to have an ample time to get ready for another activity in school like projects or quizzes and to have sometime of my own.

Going to bed late was one of the things I really don’t like. Usually I wanted to be in bed at 10pm, and later than that makes me feels incomplete and ruining my whole day. I cannot concentrate because I feels sleepy and there’s the feeling of you still want-to-be-in-bed in your usual hour of sleep. You rush on things and seldom fails on decisions.

So I think, being punctual and early in school or class  helps  me learn more effectively for having a fresh and happy mind. I feel more productive on an early start. Researchers said that morning people tend to be happier and healthier too. While being procrastinated will makes me feel down and slow.

And I can say if someone have learned the lectures if they can apply it anytime and anywhere. That someone is very good not only in formal assessment but also in  informal one. This follows self-confidence and happier life. So if ever I will be a teacher someday, I will encourage and explain to them the importance of punctuality and coming to school or work early.