got a Happy Heart and a Happy Mind

Never had an idea how distance learning works until I got into it.  I was wondering how it will work if students can take a peek on the answer in the net and you will get the right answer and will certainly pass…but I experienced more than that. Having the resources just a click away, scheduled tasks  and managing my own time wasn’t easy. It was a commitment. I can say teacher has a big impact on delivering the content and how each of them ponder students to learn. And I would like to give credits to teacher Malou who have done a great job leaving me with a HAPPY HEART AND A HAPPY MIND!

I am working as senior Physical Therapist and I have this tasks of  supervising  intern students and assessing  them at the end of their so-called rotation on an area. I was moved by knowing the principles and the methods of how to assess my students  and  how could I know how much they are learning from me. I didn’t know that until I learned from my 10-week journey with EDS 113. Understanding alignment of objectives to  assessment so we could have an effective outcomes;  giving  meaningful  feedbacks in timely manner and appropriate words; different  mindsets to understand the behavior of our students; reflective teaching where I can further improve myself;  high stakes examination to always be prepared, table of specification and more of it to mention that I could use in my current position and will surely change my way of teaching and assessment.  I know I still have a long way to walk on to have this dream of becoming a professional teacher but I am so pleased to bring along my experience and all of what I have learned from my peers and everything this semester.




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