Feedback has big impact on mindset

Maybe for some students, they will blame teacher on their learning outcomes and the results of the tests. But do these students know about mindset?

Students and everyone have different mindset and I found a good source of different effective effort rubrics to help us understand the effect:


But does having a fixed mindset doesn’t have a chance to change?

Mindset on students doesn’t end where it is. Indeed, According to Dr. Dweck’s  there is a series of intervention done and neuroscientific discovery on how to increase the neural growth by actions we do and teacher’s practice has a big impact on student’s mindset.  It is interesting to know as I go through my blog about mindset.  So, before I go further, let me share to you an assessment tool  that I have found from the web to assess your own mindset first. Please follow this link to get started:

Now that you have assess yourself,  whether your brain is fixed or growing, as to Dr. Dweck study that our brain has the plasticity feature that  connectivity between neurons can change and neurons network can grow its connections and strengthen  existing ones and build insulation that speeds transmission of impulses, you now understand your own mindset and can help as a teacher to lead  your student to have an active and more open mind to change and improvement.

My conclusion, With student who have fixed mindset,  teacher’s skills of giving a proper  feedback could enhance students way of thinking.  By having a good strategies and instructions, asking open ended questions, practices could help change fixed mindset to a growth mindset. But teacher alone is not responsible  on students learning outcome. Otherwise, students should also understand that developing a growth mindset is a choice that can positively impact your personal and professional life. (Dana Wile, 2006 Better Lesson).




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