Received ONE line


My life’s purpose is not easy to find as I may want to write and connect it with my recent topic in my online study, Alignment.

In relation to what I have learned, creating your goal and everything should be align considering the assessment and strategies involved to have quality outcome. My purpose in life could be a good help in my intent though I have several goals from time to time and every fulfilment, another goal was set in… and finally enjoying the fruit of labor.

As far as I remember when I was a sophomore, I have listed my pretty little targets and every time I hit that goal , I tick the box next to it. All I want from being sophomore is to move to junior or they called it in college, PROPER, it is when you moved to the third year and you are formally a student of the course you are taking. And after that, from proper I tick the box for being senior and then to be an intern. And finally to graduate and have my license. I have been in a lot of assessment and undergone several exams but my determination of moving forward to work as what I am dreaming of came to reality. Considering the hardship of being assessed as a learner and other exams help me go through this learning to be a professional worker. And staying aligned with my goal, wether I have failed on some of my subjects and having personal imperfections helped me mold myself and embrace it.

And I will borrow this quote from Mr. Ruben Chavez that “Don’t worry about trying to find your life’s purpose. Instead, start by acting on the small things that excite you each day. These are the threads that will connect you to your path, passion, and purpose in life.”