Being a Mother is a self-assessment


I am a mother of two, Jian, my eldest @ 12 years old and my little girl soon to be one year, Venessa. I am a Physical therapist and working overseas.

My story goes like this as my ” reflection, insights and realization” from our topic Assessment Framework.

From our children we could derive our self- assessment. As a mother, we could see how we did our job of raising our kids. We can also apply the cyclical progress with the never ending guidance for the growth of our children. From the beginning we should have set our “Plans” for them and daily we need to go through a ‘Teach and Learn” process. Its either our children learn from us and/ or we learn from them then we eventually see and “Check” if there is anything we need to provide for them or maybe they need a support in certain aspect of their routine. We then “Act” and reinforce our insights for them.

Jian is a student, and as we all know, they stay in school most of the day and spend a very short time with us after he got home, to know that they also need rest from the busy world of a classroom. But inspite of my shortcomings to him, he have a way of surprising me with medals and certificates, but of course not all the time. His simple achievements give a humble assessment on how he was pursuing on his heart’s desire based on academic and on his environment at school and at home. As a 12 year old, he have been helpful in sharing his reason for some of my decision. So I’m really trying to maximize my time with him to compensate for his goodness as well as to my soon-to-be one year old, Venessa. She is now very active on trying to learn how to walk and often needs a lending hand for her to make little steps. I can even see her upper front teeth coming out now but good she doesn’t have discomfort of having those. From time to time, I can see her change. She was getting less dependent on me and trying a lot of things on her own like feeding herself alone. Me and my husband just make sure we guide her on her way to be a toddler.

It is not easy being a student and a working mom but I realize that I am not the only one going through these things. We just need to reflect on the plans that we have created, the purpose of what we are doing , especially on tough times to keep ourselves uplifted and go to through these  smoothly.

I will leave this quote from an Article “There is no way to be a perfect mother but a billion ways to be a good one.”


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